Stay Flared: Washington DC

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Skateboarding is awash with collaborations and some are more interesting than others, it isn’t a shock to see a board brand work alongside a shoe company for instance. Girl and Antihero teaming up for their Beauty and the Beast tours challenged the traditional tour format and it was great to see two completely different teams and companies united on the road. It’s happened again but this time around with two skater owned shoe brands. Lakai and Emerica have joined forces on the Stay Flared super tour which has been travelling the States for 3 weeks. Emerica brand manager Jeff Henderson said “Lakai and Emerica are two very different brands, as far as look and feel, but all the team riders hang out and skate together. Teaming up with a competitor is an odd thing in most industries, but this is skateboarding. We have a whole different philosophy of what we can do, and that’s what makes it different.” You can read more of what he said about the whole concept in this rad little interview. Everyone is having fun with it because they can. Enjoy this first footage drop, you’ll be pleased to see that Heath Kirchart is in the van! Edits will be posted every day this week so look forward to more of the same. Shop for Lakai HERE and Emerica HERE