Spitfire Wheels “Ecuador Hellride”

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The new Spitfire Wheels “Ecuador Hellride” video has been getting some airplay here ever since it graced the internet…



Everything Spitfire put out there is next level and you know just what you are going to get. Their latest escapade doesn’t disappoint. We heard tales of the spots available to skate in Ecuador from our good friends the Holguin brothers. Their home has a particular brand of crusty spots the Spitfire team are uniquely qualified to assail. Grant Taylor, Raven Tershy, Mark Hubbard, Raney Beres, Ronnie Sandoval, Peter Hewitt, Evan Smith, Frank Gerwer, Ryan Mcwhirter and Pat Mclain were on a rampage. Enjoy this South American adventure and shop with us for Spitfire Wheels.