‘Go Skate Day’ photos

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Last Thursday was ‘International Go Skateboarding Day‘ and to celebrate we hooked up with Supra Footwear for a mellow day of hanging out, drinking beer and of course skateboarding. The weather wasn’t looking good all day, classic British weather where you get every season in the space of an hour but despite this we soldiered on. We met up at the shop around 4 then headed to South Bank in a light drizzle clutching our boards close to avoid them getting wet. We got to South Bank and Lucien got straight to it as you can see above with this Nollie Flip…

From top to bottom we have Emerica and Krew Clothing representative Casper Brooker finding his way up the block with a Back Lip. Below that Blondie goes up the bank and wall rides up the block to over Lip Slide down the block, again pictured below that is Blondie doing an Impossible over the block.

To end the South Bank session Lucien got a last minute Kick Flip Back Tail up the block.  Then armed with 4 crates of Kronenberg we headed to the newly refurbished Kennington Skate Park…

We got a good roll in at Kennington despite the ominous looking clouds. A bunch of free KR3W and Supra gear was given out as well as the pretty much unlimited amount of Kronenberg beer. In the end the weather beat us with large down pour resulting in a brisk exit. All in all it was great ‘Go skateboarding Day’ and everybody who turned up left with something.

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