Slam HTC One Park Edit

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Check out the Slam HTC One Park edit. Recent footage of Slam team and family enjoying this new temporary London park…



As if being attacked by Saharan sand this week wasn’t bad enough! Perhaps you were unlucky enough to have read an article debating how old is too old to skateboard. Skateboarding is a passion, something the writer of this article openly lacks. It was sad to see that although Alf Garnett is no longer aired on the television his blinkered world view lives on. This being said, all it takes is a little derision to realise how strongly we feel about the freedom we regularly enjoy. Hooray for us! Slam team riders, shop staff, friends and family (ages 17-40) had a great time the other night at the HTC One Skate Park.

We hope you enjoy the edit above filmed and edited by Mark Jackson. Loads of us made it down there. The skateboarders featured in this edit are Neil Smith, DuRay Montague II, Jake Harris, Rob Mathieson, Joleon Pressey, Nick Jensen, Dan Magee, Chris Pulman, Paddy Jones, Big Man, Jacob Sawyer, Casper Brooker, Jamie Arghhh, Tom Tanner, Seth Curtis, David Atkinson and Domas Glatkauskas. Nobody filmed in this edit spent any time worrying about their age.