Slam Fam Clap Ham

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Slam Fam Clap Ham is a new clip of Slam team riders and family members which we have just posted…

Dan Kreitem our newest staff addition is always busy with video projects. He put together the well-received clip of Casper Brooker skating at Southbank which came out recently. Sat in the vaults for a little while was footage from a couple of outings to Clapham Common on some much colder days than our last few. This culminated in a new park clip.

The video features Darius Trabalza, Jake Church, Paddy Jones, Jacob Sawyer and Casper Brooker. Black and white footage masks the Baltic nature of these park visits. To understand the edit fully I suggest cracking open your freezer door and sitting by it in shorts and a T-Shirt, the second you start shivering press play. See more from the Slam City Skates Team.