Slam City Skates x Spitfire Classics

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Slam City Skates began life in 1986 and  Jim Thiebaud started Spitfire a year later. The wheels have been in our cabinet ever since, fast becoming the most popular urethane we have to offer. When our friends at DLXSF suggested working on a wheel together we jumped at the chance and we’re proud to present our very own Slam City Skates x Spitfire Classics.


Slam City Skates x Spitfire Classics featuring the Slam City logo alongside Spitfire's swirl motif.

Slam City Skates x Spitfire “Classics”


To mark our 25th anniversary we opted to collaborate on a Spitfire Wheels classic, this iconic wheel shape has flown out of the shop for decades. Slam’s presence on the wheel appears within the aesthetics of the classic swirl logo. We settled on a 52mm diameter, one of the most popular sizes here in London and it has been an honour to have worked with the team out in San Francisco on this one.


A Damien Hirst x Supreme skateboard at the Tate Modern equipped with Slam City Skates x Spitfire Classics.
Slam City Skates x Spitfire Classics paired with a Supreme X Damien Hirst deck.


One place we weren’t expecting these wheels to appear was at the Tate Modern. We were visited at the shop by one of Damien Hirst’s assistants and tasked with picking out some hardware for him. Months down the line, we spied this very expensive Damien Hirst Supreme complete when leaving his Tate show through the gift shop.



We hope you like our collaboration. Find out more about all of the shapes and sizes on offer in our Spitfire Wheels Buyers Guide.

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