Slam Biggie & Tupac

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“The greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th!” Have a look at our latest clothing additions right here. Our friend Justin Atallian reworked an old image we have used in the past to celebrate Biggie and Tupac, two of the best rappers of all time. Let us give you the background story on this one. In the early 2000’s another long time friend of Slam Simon True drew us a T-Shirt graphic. It was a picture of Jesus and we couldn’t keep the shirts on the shelves. We later used his drawing on the tongue of our Nike SB shoe…


The ‘Jesus’ T-Shirt was a real conversation starter. Sometimes it was a conversation you didn’t want to have, other times it was a god send (forgive the pun). Our friend Andy Holmes was once caught speeding in London town and pulled over by the Police. He was ready for a ticket when he saw the fédérale take notice of the shirt he was wearing and give him a ‘you’re alright, you’re one of us’ nod and let him go on his way. You’ve got it, he was wearing the Jesus tee. We are not sure these shirts celebrating Christopher Wallace and Lesane Parish Crooks will have the same effect. While you are here soak up some Biggie and some textbook hostility from Tupac. Whether you sympathise with the West or the East or both get involved with a cap or a shirt. Here are the Tupac items…


Justin designed the Biggie shirt a long while back and when we saw it again we knew we had to make this project happen. We hope you are as stoked on these as we are. We have also made some classic looking Slam caps as well…


Keep those eyes peeled for more Slam items which will be surfacing in the coming weeks. Shop for everything we have from Slam City Skates HERE