Shoe Goo

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Do you find your kickflip flick burrows it’s way through your shoes before your sole is worn out? Would you rather skate in canvas shoes but can’t afford constantly replacing them? We could revolutionise your shoe buying game with a coveted, mythical product from our misspent youth. Shoe Goo is back in stock. This will elongate the life span of your shoes whatever you go for. This adhesive, evenly applied to the main areas you terrorise will be what you are wearing out. Instead of blowing through the stitching off the bat, wear will be more evenly distributed. It’s simple to apply and dries as a flexible compound meaning it can also fix existing cracks and holes. We have 59ml tubes which will last you ages and they are only £7. Here is an image we borrowed from Descent Skateboards‘ Chris Pulman…


Chris has been extolling the virtues of Shoe Goo application for many years. It means that he can get a much longer life out of a classic Vans Slip-On. Usually the one piece canvas construction would have a hole in the toe after a proper days skate. Keep your shoes around that little bit longer by buying a tube of Shoe Goo HERE