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We all know Joe Lauder of Satta Skateboards as a smiling face often making Stockwell his own on sunny and not so sunny days. When he isn’t cruising about there he is a very busy man.

His studio where he lives and works is in Brixton, there he juggles a landscape gardening business and the quickly expanding Satta Skateboards. He describes the rewards of carefully making these boards by saying “It was kind of a bringing-together of my woodworking skills and my love of the roots of skateboarding, to be able to make the first boards that came out from surfing and led to skateboarding. It’s about being able to see a piece of wood that’s nothing – it’s just a piece of wood – and then at the end of me working on it, it’s a skateboard. Someone can have hours and hours and days and months of fun on it, or like a whole summer or a year. They’ll have a story with it and it becomes theirs. That’s the magical thing for me – being able to make something that’s fun for someone to use.”
Terra Firma Cruiser

We have four different cruisers. The Satta Skateboards Terra Firma cruiser is 6.75″ wide and 26″ long. Artwork screened on it by Swifty uses typography that wouldn’t look amiss if this was plucked from a Seventies garage. The shape name is Tubaka, it is made entirely of Ash. Like all Satta cruisers it has 56mm/78A Satta Earth Surfer Wheels, Abec 7 bearings and Satta trucks. It has a rounded tail, a stubby pointed nose and a line of grip from tail to nose. Another shape is the Maloka Palm Jazz Cruiser. This has a squared off tail and a pointy nose, it is slightly narrower at 6.5″ wide. Graphics screened on this one are a square palm logo on the underside and Satta branding on the top between the griptape. This one has a slightly more elaborate grip design with a lightning stripe…

The deck is made from solid oak and finished with a durable polyurethane laquer. We also have two boards in the Woodsman series which take longer to make, they are constructed from a mix of carefully selected hardwoods and then staved together. First up is the Moloka Woodsman Cruiser. This has the Moloka shape. With no griptape on top you can see the wood combinations join, the deck is made from Iroko with Central Walnut and Oak Stringer wood. Satta branding appears subtly just above the back truck. Still in the Woodsman series is the slightly longer Squash Tail Woodsman Cruiser, this is 6.5″ wide but 26″ long. It’s squash tail shape is rounded both ends. On this board the wood mix is Oak and Iroko, instead of the join running through the middle there are two separate strips. Branding is again above the back truck. These really are beautiful hand crafted things.

We also have two T-Shirts which are 100% Organic cotton. The Satta Board Supply T-Shirt comes in Calico and has a Satta Board Supply logo on the chest accompanied by a palm tree. The Sidewalk Surfer T-Shirt comes in Black, this has a circular Satta logo on the chest and a Sidewalk Surfers back print. We are excited to be able to offer you these products made by Joe at an early stage in the company history. Come and stand on one and see how you go from there. They are available to buy online now here.