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same old is a labour of love, a collection of skateboarding ephemera from some cavernous vaults spanning decades. Each page is a surprise containing photos, letters, zine clippings, faxes, ads, articles and more. Chris parkinson has leafed through shoe boxes of memorabilia and put it all together on 94 perfectly bound pages. If he hadn’t, much of the gold in here may never have seen the light of day. Content dates right back to 1967. There is a prison letter from Jay Adams to Todd Huber, a Sean Cliver interview, A Lance Mountain fan letter reply, David Scott Venice Beach photos and so much more…


The list of contributors is deep, this alone is enough to let you know that this needs to be on your bookshelf. Pieces made there way in here from Lance Mountain, Damon Way, Koolmoeleo, Todd Huber (Skatelab), Tobin Yelland, Mike Blabac, Bobshirt, Jacob Rosenburg, Ron Chatman, Jef Hartsel, Tim Hardy, Brian Lotti, Ed Loftus, Richard Hart, Chuck Hults, Richard Jay, Rick Ibesta, Ed Syder, Andy Jenkins and many many more…


We caught up with same old creator Chris parkinson to find out a little bit more about this project…

When did you first publish a copy of same old?

2014 with the infamous Don Brider issue

How did the idea for the mag come about? Did you have a collection of pieces which needed to see the light of day?

Wanting do a print mag had been stuck in my head for years, then going around Don Brider’s house and going through his incredible archive of zines, photos and letters was the spark to get the first issue going.

Do you have any projections about how regularly we will see copies of same old?

Im working on the next issue now, and hope to have that out early 2017.

How would you describe your creation?

A big mess

What have you been most stoked on so far while curating so much gold?

Working with Don Brider, he is a legend, and without his support there would be no Same Old.

Your publication covers a lot of ‘good old days’ and spans years. Is there a specific period of time you look back upon with rose tinted spectacles?

Not really, Every period has its golden moments, skaters, artwork, stories etc and hopefully the magazine can mix and blend across the years.

What other printed publications do you like to peruse?

Old copies of Poweredge & Beach Culture.

Thanks to Chris for this quick interview and for getting the mags out to us so quickly. You can buy same old 23 HERE and we also have the back issue of same old 22 HERE