Rory Milanes / Lucien Clarke

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In this new disposable era where web clips seem to have replaced the craft of making skateboard videos they are more important than ever before. Seeing Jake Harris’ Eleventh Hour was a treat in this current climate. It is also sometimes easy to forget just how good at skateboarding some people are. We had a reminder this morning watching two of the best skateboarders this Country has ever produced out there killing it!…One of our best mannered Slam team riders Rory Milanes making it look all too easy in Chris Mulhern‘s excellent This Time Tomorrow. Chris Mulhern is another firm believer in making cohesive independent video projects. We followed up watching Rory’s amazing part with this gem from the same video. Lucien Clarke…

So good! Hope watching these two is an inspiring start to the week. Shortly after this video Lucien and Rory, both already on the Slam team began riding for Palace and also Supra and Converse respectively. Expect to see more of them very soon!