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Rob and Snoopy. Photo – Mark Jackson

Slam team rider Rob Mathieson has a good eye. This serves him well when it comes to his illustrations and is key to him nailing a likeness. Being observant, thoroughly looking and soaking in your surroundings is a skill in itself. Rob’s keen eye, at one time could often be found looking through the viewfinder of a Polaroid camera. It’s easy to forget that photography has been a hobby of his for a long time. Some early shots of Rob’s made up the first ever Palace catalogue. All of this being said, it was a pleasure to see some photos from his recent NY relocation land in my inbox. Enjoy what he has selected for us…


Met this All American hero in a car park in Queens. It was too cold to skate so I was chucking a ball about with Mike. This guy pulled over and got involved.


He was very happy to pose for these photos and even got his partner to turn the squad car lights on. I’m pretty sure they had someone in the back as well!


Being away for three months meant I missed my dog. It was even worse seeing this guy left outside in the rain and snow. The guy in the apartment underneath where I was staying would chuck a carrier bag of food out for him every now and again.




It was windy. I needed to finish the roll before I went home, so I thought I’d make some art taking photos of leaves flying around. Then these birds decided to get involved. Quite pleased with it.


Angry little man! Mike Fox put up with me stinking up his living room on and off for 3 months. Always down to go to Flushing and actually really good at taking photos


Flags Yo




“Find the Halfling”. First thing to do when back in the UK: Take Fatman to the woods.

We would like to thank Rob for this window into his recent travels. It seems fitting with all the Flushing Meadows references to post up this edit he put together for Krooked while he was away…

Peruse a portfolio of Rob’s work and buy one of his pictures HERE