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Richard Hart has been a friend of ours here at Slam for a long time now. He relocated to San Francisco many years ago and has carved out a life for himself there. He still pops his head in when he is visiting the motherland. He is a great photographer who used to shoot photos for Slap, Transworld and Document in the early 00’s. He is currently working on some new articles we are looking forward to seeing soon. Recently footage he uncovered from as far back as 2003 saw the light of day. This documents his adventures at the Howard House and further afield. Live Skateboard Media gave this a platform recently so we have attached that to the end of this feature, if you haven’t seen it you are in for a treat, there is a full Ocean Howell part! We would like to thank Richard for sending us these recent pictures for this 5000 Words. For this one he delved into the 50 rolls of film he shot last year and pulled out the following 5 things…

1. Plaitford, Hampshire, England.
This is where I learnt to skate, in 1986 (coincidentally the year that Slam opened).

2. Bernard- London, England.
I grew up skating with B, but we fell out of touch for many years when I became a San Franciscan and he became a monk. Then one day we met again at South Bank. That is how life/skating works sometimes.

3. Zach Chamberlin and Ben Gore- Bordeaux, France.
Nowadays I skate with these guys a lot. Rulers. I’m glad I can still do my bit to document skateboarding.

4. Incident- Tokyo, Japan.
Travel broadens the mind.

5. Ben Gore- San Francisco, USA.
Have you ever noticed how frequently the word ‘fun’ crops up in skateboarding..?

For more from the Richard Hart archives keep an eye on HERE and enjoy ‘A Decade Late’…