Real Skateboards Visit

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We are looking forward to a Real Skateboards visit. Read on for all of the details so you can meet the Real Skateboards team and skate with them…



REAL Skateboards are paying the UK a visit. We are pleased to announce that our Covent Garden shop is going to be a destination! On Monday March 31st at midday they will be visiting the store. Come and hang out with our US visitors and then skate with them across the river to Southbank. They are bringing Crash Up Derby League to Bristol, Brighton, Colchester and London. Expect Crash Up races to be arranged on the day! As well as the UK Real team it will be your chance to skate with Justin Brock, Davis Torgerson, and Robbie Brockel. Keep that Monday afternoon free if you can, there are sure to be some interesting lines picked out by the river.