RAW TAPES: London Episode 7

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Josh Stewart just posted the final bits of raw footage from his 2006 London residency in this heavy new edit. There is some great stuff in here which never made it into a Static video but is well worthy of your time. This was a great time for skating the city as you will see from the wealth of footage which features a host of Slam riders, friends and family. This clip features Charlie Young, Seth Curtis, Nick Jensen, Dan Callow, Tom Lock, Olly Todd, Mark Jackson, Will Harmon, Andrew Brophy, Christian Bruntan, Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins, Joey Pressey, Daniel Kinloch, Vivien Feil and Bobby Puleo. Enjoy the final raw tape from Josh Stewart. Be sure to bookmark his Theories Of Atlantis site and buy DVD’s from his Static series HERE