Pop x Slam Pub Quiz

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You are cordially invited to attend and participate in the Pop x Slam Pub Quiz. Put your knowledge to good use…



Do you ever wonder how much space the skateboarding knowledge we are all riddled with is taking up? Ever plagued by memories of obscure 90’s pros, flash in the pan companies, or VHS images forever burned into your retina? Are these dusty recesses of your mind rarely exercised? Do they need to be exorcised? We may be able to help! Our friends from Pop Trading Company in Amsterdam are in town and they have travelled to see us with some home brewed entertainment. For once the Pub Quiz is tailored to our needs and we can celebrate all of the cultural trivia we have ingested.

This event will take place from 8pm on Tuesday 1st May at Bardens, one of our favourite watering holes. To enter you obviously have to be over 18 and registration couldn’t be simpler. Make sure you are following us on Instagram. Next all you need to do is Direct Message us on Instagram your team name and the names of the people on your team, you can have between 2 to 4 people per team. You can enter with just 2 of you but 4 times the useless wooden toy knowledge is an advantage. The first 20 teams will be accepted. We have already had interest from some heavy hitters like Free Skate Mag, Palomino, Grey, Supreme and Converse so you need to get those neurons firing. We look forward to your teams arriving in our inbox and we will see you there!