Polar Winter 13

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All of the Polar Winter 13 clothing has arrived. We have something for you this Christmas, from socks and headwear to hoodies, be sure to take a look…

Polar Winter 13 clothing at Slam City Skates

Polar is one of our best-selling brands, definitely one for the discerning customer and luckily discerning customers are what we have. As well as having one of the best teams out the Polar range of products has gone from strength to strength. Pontus Alv has made sure to source the best items possible each season wether it’s the right fit in a cap through to what makes the perfect hip bag. We just received a brand new range of products from those guys for Winter 13. New for Winter 13 is a Speedy P zip crew which has a 1/4 front zip from the collar down, this nineties piece is available in Navy and Black. There are four new t-shirts. The popular Stroke logo t-shirt comes in Dark Heather and Black. This has a Polar script logo on the breast and a round logo back print. Stefan Narancic artwork is on the backprint of the Magic Puff t-shirt, an amazing illustration of smoke released from a pipe taking form. This t-shirt comes in Dark Heather Grey and Dark Heather Blue.

There is a new Speedy P long sleeve t-shirt. This has the Speedy P logo on the breast and Polar Skate Co branding down the right sleeve. This comes in Navy and Black. The Stroke logo t-shirt is also available in long sleeve and we have it in Black. There are also two Stroke log crew neck sweatshirts, these are available in Dark Heather Blue and Black. There is a Speedy P 100% fleece cotton hood. This has the Speedy P logo on the breast and as a backprint, it is available in Dark Heather Grey. This season to combat the Winter winds there is also a Stroke logo thermal zip hood. 100% fleece Cotton coupled with a thermal lining, we have this in Black. Their new Speedy P logo has made its way onto a folded thick knit beanie available in Black and Deep Grey.

This time around there are socks with an unmistakable Pontus makeover, they have the happy/sad faces on either toe. These are the right mix of materials, 85% cotton/10% Polyester/5% spandex, this is what you need to keep your feet warm. We have these in Black/White and White/Red. Finally, we have three new caps. Their popular 6-panel cap has had a high-end finish. This season the crown and upper bill is all wool, it has the embroidered logo at the front, leather under the bill and a leather strap at the back with a silver clasp. This is available in Black and Deep Blue. New for this season is the Wool snapback. This all-black wool cap has the new embroidered Speedy P logo on the front, a leather under bill and a rear leather strap with a metal clasp, this comes in Black. We’re sure you’ll agree that is a healthy range of soft goods from our friends in Sweden. We look forward to new footage from the Polar camp and will leave you with their excellent second promo…

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