FTC Presents the Pier 7 DVD

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We just received this Pier 7 DVD from FTC. You don’t need us to tell you that this is a necessary addition to your video library. Making this was Brad Johnson’s labour of love and features additional footage from Trevor Prescott (RIP) and Vic Neyra. It is a window into a world that all eyes were upon when many of our favourite skateboarders were localising this spot by the bay waters and pushing the limits. So many of our favourite videos feature heavy content from the Pier, it was a spot we saw when we closed our eyes. Heavy hitters are listed on the back. It features Henry Sanchez, Brad Johnson, Jason Wussler, Lavar Mcbride, J.B. Gillet, Adrian William, Jerry Smythe, Enrique Lorenzo, Serge Chuckreefe, Spencer Fujimoto, Brian Wenning, Brandon Biebel, Ruben Garcia, Carlos Young, Drake Jones, Alex Carolino, Josh Kalis, Stevie Williams, Javier Nunez, Jackson Curtin, John Igei, Pepe Martinez, Andy Honen, Trevor Prescott, Matt Jones, Seth Cheeks, Alex Klein, Nikhil Thayer, Lee Smith, Mike York, Shamil Randle, Karl Watson, Matt Field, Rob Welsh, Marcus Mcbride and more. Here is the man responsible for gifting us this history lesson laying it down at the Pier many moons ago…

Give Netflix a break and let this sit in your DvD player on repeat. Buy your copy of the Pier 7 DVD HERE