Palace/Adidas Lookbook

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Palace Skateboards have teamed up with Adidas on a big collaboration.

We are pleased to be able to give you a glimpse at the lookbook today ahead of time so you can figure out what items you’re keen to go for. Here is some insight into this team up from the source…

These lookbook photos show off the collection perfectly. For two brands with such a heavy visual identity it’s interesting to see they have favoured minimal branding throughout the project. The appeal of each item is largely due to the strength of the silhouettes and the patterns chosen…

Inspiration has been taken from retro designs used in football attire from the 80’s and 90’s. These stylings have been reworked and mixed up with current technology and material upgrades. This opportunity to fine tune sportwears pièce de résistance The Tracksuit is one Palace jumped upon and they couldn’t have found a more fitting partner than Adidas

The official Global release date for this whole collection is the 27th September. We will have every item available the second the 27th begins. On Friday night, wait for the clock to strike 12 then click refresh and secure your favourite items from this memorable collaboration. You will be able to shop for the items HERE