Palace x Bronze “Paramount”

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Palace follow up their monumental Adidas collaboration with another heavy hitter. Peter Sidlauskas, the brain behind Bronze represents East Coast skateboarding with his own unmistakable editing style. Mutual respect brought about this alignment of styles. The meeting of minds makes perfect sense when you watch this new 20 minute collaborative effort filmed between France and NYC. This new video features Blondey McCoy, Chewy Cannon, Torey Goodall, Juan Saavedra, Charlie Young, Rory Milanes, Benny Fairfax, Lucien Clarke, Danny Brady, Shawn Powers, Karim Bakhtaoui, Josh Wilson, Dick Rizzo, Joseph Delgado, Rob Gonyon, Billy McFeely, Mark Humienik, Adam Zhu, Chachi and Kevin Tierney. We have limited stock of boards from this company collision and you need one in your life. Shop for these and other new arrivals from Palace HERE