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PWBC lifers Danny Brady and Benny Fairfax have now boarded the good ship Palace. After a brief period of being flowed boards from the Palace camp their pro boards have landed on our shores. Each board celebrates Danny and Benny’s heritage. Their welcome to the family comes in the form of the new long awaited and much missed PWBC news update. Find out what’s going on in this new clip…

The boards are a limited first run drop with a re-up to follow including the second size of Benny’s board. We currently have two sizes in Brady’s board, one in an 8″ and a 7.75″, Benny’s is an 8.1″ and an 8.2″ will accompany it on the second drop. Brady also has a new 53mm wheel in stock. Alongside this new hardware is the Palace Blazin’ beanie. These products are available to buy online and will be in both of our stores.