Palace AW 13 Decks

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All of the AW13 decks from Palace Skateboards have arrived…
An overview of all the AW 13 Skateboard decks from Palace skateboards available now at Slam City Skates
We have received our new drop of Palace boards all of which are online now and will be available in both of our stores tomorrow! We have a re-up of the Brady top of tower and the Benny Anguila boards. Brady and Benny’s new boards in this drop are the Benny Fast and the Brady Fast. Toddy got lucky with his new 8″ board with a Tom Petty graphic. Lucien’s board features Johnny Clarke and Chewy Cannon’s sports a Sizzla graphic.

We have new Regal team boards which follow last season’s Regal Eagles. There is the Regal White 7.5″, the Regal Black 8″ and the Regal Gold 8.5″. Shawn Powers who has new footage in the latest Bronze video has done graphics for two boards, the S.P hanging and the S.P head. Finally there is a Linear Brit 8.1″ and a Linear Italia 8.2″. Hurry now if you need a new board because this stock moves fast. Shop for these new Skateboard Decks and all other Palace Skateboards arrivals.