Norse Projects

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After embarking on a clothing project together in the late nineties Anton Juul and Mikkel Gronnebaek ventured into the World of retail. Skateboarding initially brought the two together and shaped the direction their future would take. Their store Norse Projects was founded in Copenhagen in 2004. In 2008 with retail experience behind them Norse Projects as a brand developed organically and has continued to grow to date. Favouring the timeless classic the items in their range are the type you will still be wearing in a few years time and much attention has been paid to their quality. Older skateboarders themselves, they have sought to appeal to their own demographic.
It is one of the newer brands we stock and the products sit comfortably in our new East London store. We have received a new shipment straight from Denmark which is a good representation of the brand from the 2 Tone 5 Panel caps through to the Ryan Sport Compact Jacket. There are cords and a wide range of shirts as well as crew neck sweats, t-shirts, jumpers and beanies. Our whole range of Norse Projects products can be viewed here. If there are any items you are curious about but would like to try on please pay our East London store a visit.