Nike SB Summit Portland

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We just returned from a marketing summit in Portland, Oregon for Nike SB. We were well looked after and witnessed some amazing places and skateboarding blessings. It was rad to be out there with some many other shops from the UK, America, Japan, Brazil and Argentina. Pictured above is the crew who were on this trip in the Nike SB warehouse which was an perfect space offering some respite from the Portland weather. We were staying in downtown Portland but also spent some time up a mountain when we were whisked up Mount Hood for a meeting in the Timberline Lodge. What follows is a series of photos shot by Ashley Rehfeld…

Grant Taylor soaring like only he can. Watching him skate was as incredible as it was unpredictable. This giant frontside ollie out of the tombstone came out of nowhere. Watching him session the bowl with his dad, Oski and Eric Koston was an unforgettable treat.

Eric Koston is a grand master, witnessing anything he turns his attention to is golden and this frontside nose blunt slide is no exception. His skills are timeless whatever the terrain.

Scuba Steve and Nyjah Huston. We even got to see Nyjah skate the warehouse with crazy consistency. This whole visit was a blast and everyone killed it, it was hard to know which way to look.

The men who started it all Sandy Bodecker and Lance Mountain. On our fourth night Sandy Bodecker opened his doors and invited us to a party in his incredible house. Many people have amazing houses but not like this. This is next door to the kitchen…

This pool has a space of it’s own next to a recording studio. We were blown away by being welcomed into this space and getting to see Lance Mountain do a rock and roll slide was a bucket list check off that didn’t disappoint. The way him and Steve Caballero have that trick make it an amazing thing to witness.

While we were up the mountain we were split into groups to work on designing a Janoski. Winners of this design session would see these shoes see the light of day in line with celebrating ten years of this phenomenon. Pictured here is a session at the bowl in Sandy Bodecker’s house where each team presented their final designs. They were so stoked on each one of these shoes that it seems each one will be made!

This guy is the truth! Cody Lockwood had everyone shouting each time he dropped in the pool. Frontside airs over head height and frontside flips the same. He was on a whole other level and we were lucky enough to see it.

Eelco de Koning, Daniel Stankovic and Callum Francis who looked after us while we were out there. Thanks to them and everyone at Nike SB who made this trip possible. You can shop for Nike SB HERE