Nike SB Spirit of 78 Lance Mountain

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Lance Mountain is pure inspiration, a pioneer still contributing and pushing himself. People like Lance prove we can still keep doing the things we love and age isn’t a limitation. This edit is to promote a new spin on the Blazer from Nike SB but was a good excuse for a get together, reuniting some old faces. Finding and skating backyard pools was an integral part of skateboarding in the late seventies. They were where what is possible on a skateboard was being tested out and where this Spirit of 78 reunion took place. Keeping the feeling alive is the whole point. It sees Lance joined by Brad Bowman, Doug “Pineapple” Saladino, Tom “Wally” Inouye and Chris Strople, fellow explorers of Californian gardens. Nike SB team mates Guy Mariano and Donovan Piscopo also join the session. In Lances words “These times are the reason I started skateboarding & fell in Love with it”. Enjoy this edit and shop for all of our new arrivals from Nike SB HERE