Nike SB NESW Interview 2

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Mark Jackson & Henry Kingsford at the Book launch

This is the second of two interviews about the Nike SB project NESW. Mark Jackson has spent the last few months on countless filming trips with the Nike SB UK team. He is responsible for the four edits from NESW which you can view HERE. Find out more about the whole project from Mark’s perspective here…

When did you start working on the project and what was you involvement it?

I think it was towards the end of June. Henry mentioned the project to me while I was finishing up the Nike SB Casper Brooker edit. I filmed South and East and Edited all four.

What trips were the most productive?

None of them, it’s skateboarding, you’re lucky to get 3 seconds a day.

What trick did you film that stood out as a favourite?

As far as a stand out trick, Tom’s Ollie over the bench and planter on Roseberry Avenue, the last trick in South. A lot of people had been trying it recently and Tom just did it in the end because Bigman gave him a tenner for that go. Aesthetically I like Jak’s opening long lens line in South.

What trick would you say done throughout the whole project would be as difficult as your nollie backside flip over the bin in Waiting For The World?

I mean, there’s nothing on that level, you’re talking about something that is as impossible now as it was then. The theme for the project was really about showing the areas and good vibes of the team rather than ground breaking incredible tricks.

Were any tricks particularly hard to film?

It was hard to film tricks of Smithy as he hit / scratched / wrote off my fisheye on day one of filming.

Neil Smith. Backside Nosegrind. Photo – Henry Kingsford

Is there anywhere you went to that you would like to have more time at and revisit in the future?

It was good going back to Portsmouth, I used to skate there years back. It has a lot of interesting spots that are all fairly close together so you can just skate around like London.

Did any funny situations arise during filming?

There was a good level throughout, Casper got started on by a guy dressed up as Charlie Chaplin in the Covent Garden Market, poked him with his stick, haha.

Casper Brooker. No Comply Tailslide. Photo – Henry Kingsford

Of everyone you filmed who would you put your money on to definitely come back with a trick from a day’s trip?

I’m not really a betting man… but Jak and Tom for sure

Of the four edits which one are you most pleased with?

I think they work as four parts of a whole so don’t want to single one out. All the music is by the same band The Union Pool deliberately to tie them all together.

Were you stoked on how the book came out?

Yeah, I thought it was great, I know Henry had a lot of stress with the whole project, but like most things in life you get out what you put in.

When the first sets of Licence wheels come back from the factory who from the line up in these edits will be getting a set?

Good question.

The amazing hardback book which was just released accompanies the North, East, South and West edits which you can watch HERE. The book will be on hand to look at in both of our stores shortly. Shop for Nike SB HERE