Nike SB Diamond Dunk Story

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To coincide with the upcoming Diamond Dunk release we thought we would treat you to an often asked-about Nike SB Diamond Dunk story…

The Nike SB Diamond Dunk 2018

Nick Tershay has done it again and reinvigorated the Nike SB hype machine. Phone calls and emails have been coming in thick and fast, transporting us back to memories of the original “Tiffany” shoe release in 2005. We are endeavouring to keep everyone happy this time around and have devised a plan which will be fairest for everybody. We are going to run this one raffle style.

You just need to pick what size and colour you are interested in and enter your details. All winners will be contacted by 11 am on Friday morning. There will be no online sales or mailing for this release and all raffle winners must collect the shoes from our Covent Garden Shop by 5pm on Sunday 11th November. You can find all the rules and details in the form linked below so be sure to read through before entering the raffle.

That first Diamond shoe release was gnarly, we had a queue around the block to contend with for what has become a holy grail piece for many. After the release had simmered down people couldn’t believe it when they saw this shoe hanging above their heads…

Nike SB Diamond Dunk Story, the tale behind this shoe

In amongst the chaos we discovered that we had been shipped a rogue shoe with no partner. This sat upstairs behind the counter after the release and people kept asking to buy it. As the enquiries became more frequent it seemed something needed to be done. To clarify that this was definitely not for sale we got busy with a hacksaw. This sawed in half shoe hung from the ceiling at our Neal’s Yard shop until it closed it’s doors in 2015. It now resides in our office, it’s part of the woodwork around here.

Reminiscing about this prompted us to revive another idea from way back when. For this release we will be once again offering customers the chance to take part in the “Kickflip Challenge“.

Any customers planning to use these shoes for the job they were designed can attempt to get £10 off their purchase. To qualify for the money back you just need to put on your new Diamond Dunks, go outside the shop with a member of staff and do a first try kickflip.

We will accept no trick substitutions and there are no second chances. Who told you that flat ground training wouldn’t pay?

Good luck with the raffle and we look forward to seeing those of you who win on Saturday when you come to collect from our Covent Garden shop. Practise those kickflips and shop with us for Nike SB