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Watch Casper Brooker in ‘Cathedral’, his latest part for Nike SB. This masterpiece filmed and edited by Jacob Harris will transport you to one of skateboarding’s true spiritual homes…


Casper Brooker’s ‘Cathedral’ part for Nike SB captures his constant evolution at Southbank


This new part mangled minds when it lit up the internet last night and we were made up to see it. We clearly remember a 12-year-old Casper Brooker visiting Slam at the weekends. Fresh from a morning beside the river, he would fuel up on sweets before full days exploring the city. This was when frequenting Southbank first entered the picture for him, somewhere inextricably tied to his evolution as a skateboarder. Casper describes the fabled spot as a “hellhole that I can’t seem to get enough of” but his love runs deep and it shows. Jacob Harris’ filming and editing further heightens the hypnosis of Casper’s assault on hallowed ground.

Everything in ‘Cathedral’ stands out and demands a re-watch to truly soak it in, including a Nik Stain cameo. Years spent amidst those pillars have led to ledge and flat ground precision before slaying the seven, manual insanity, and much more. Nobody is doing a better job for the Southbank tourist board than Casper Brooker, and his redefinition of possibilities is going to open things up for generations to follow. We hope you play this gift from Nike SB as many times as we have.



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