Nick Jensen-5000 Words

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Nick Jensen is our longest serving Slam team rider. We were pleased to get back some images from him which were snapped on last weeks Isle trip to Barcelona. Nick and the crew followed the sun to clock up some more footage for the forthcoming Vase video. What follows is a ten day trip condensed into six images seen through Nick’s eyes and his phone’s lens…

The view from our balcony in the first day

Weird sad lion face

The caption from Steve Forstner’s Instagram. Hard day at the office

Picasso memorial I came across in a book at a cafe. Don face

1400’s altar pieces I was stoked to see at the Catalan museum of art

I have never ever ……. In a church courtyard

Thanks to Nick for these images. We have some more from his other recent travels so expect to see a part two very soon. Watch the trailer for Vase HERE and shop for Isle HERE