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Mwadlands Raw is an edit from the epic indoor facility Palace Skateboards gifted the community, shot on the day it opened…



If you haven’t been to the Palace skateboards park MWADLANDS yet you are blowing it. All the information you need to get there is HERE. This heavily frequented Peckham park has saved the winter for many of us. The inspiration for this park was skateboarding in the UK in the nineties. At this time indoor skate parks were unicorns and we would all travel far and wide to reach them. One of the most famous and well documented parks was Radlands in Northampton where we would pilgrimage to for a magical day forever etched in our memories.

MWADLANDS is a loveletter to a time and a place, the hips and roll-in at the Palace park are built to spec. Two of the UK’s most famous transplants are Tom Penny and Geoff Rowley who both spent quite some time at Radlands. Tom Penny’s footage from there is the stuff of legend. When the park was set to open the Palace camp didn’t hesitate to fly these two over to skate what they had created. The edit above shows what went down the day the park was finished and at the party which followed. Jamal Smith and Slam team riders Lucien Clarke and Danny Brady also appear skating the park like nobody else can. Enjoy this raw footage and then get yourselves down there. Shop with us for Palace Skateboards