Mile End Meltdown Gallery

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Here is the Mile End Meltdown gallery, a selection of photos from this memorable adidas event shot by Adam Todhunter…



Last Friday we teamed up with adidas to bring you the Mile End Meltdown event which represented the start of the Summer Holidays. It was great to see so many of you show up in force, down to fully skate on the day. adidas had arrived at Mile End early to drop off Chewy’s Pole Jam creation and a variety of tables with a kicker which all got well used. Prizes and giveaways were on hand as motivation and our hosts Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax and Blondey McCoy orchestrated what went down with their megaphones. Their day began with a Tuk Tuk ride from our Slam East Shop to the skatepark. Here’s a photographic overview of the event shot by Adam Toddhunter…

3 Tuk Tuks outside our East London shop is an unusual sight

Benny, Blondey and Chewy all had their own whip

Just before 2pm the Tuk Tuks hit the streets

Blondey was holding it down for the Slam team all day

Chewy cannon was at home in the Tuk Tuk having cycled something similar around the streets of BCN

They were joined by crowds keen to get involved from the beginning

Slam team rider Jak Pietryga was out killing it all day. This lengthy kickflip is one of many tricks he launched out of the kicker

Benny was a good host and got creative with the adidas additions

Nelly Mayele lipslides the two table stack, channeling Rodney Vs Daewon

Prizes were handed out throughout the day, keeping the motivation high

Slam team rider Kyle Wilson went in and skated everything. Hairy vert action sticker placement challenge juxtaposed with a Switch Backside 180

Chewy, Blondey and Benny kept cooking up the challenges

Chris Oliver always delivers. This lofty NoseBlunt Slide was a highlight

After Mile End everyone retired to Slam East

Slam team rider Rory Milanes DJ’d in the bar opposite

Two legends. Mark Jackson and Darius Trabalza

Everyone involved was fed and watered and made their way off into the night

Thanks to all of you who came out on the day and everyone who worked hard to make this happen. Massive thanks of course to adidas who made these ideas a reality. Shop with us for adidas Skateboarding