Mean Streets John Shanahan

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This John Shanahan LurkNYC Mean Streets part Transworld just put out made our day. John Shanahan gives more than a tip of the hat to what many consider to be the golden era of skateboarding. Nineties gear is run throughout and while often revived of late, matched with his particular approach to skateboarding the results are timeless. We were stoked that John joined Josh Kalis on his recent visit to London and keen shoe gazers will see our Slam City Skates x DC Kalis Lite Slim worn more than a few times throughout. It’s amazing seeing these appear in the wild. Here’s an image from the kicker to can event we organised at Southbank. John was the first out the gate to snap an ollie and Andy Horsley was there waiting…

Enjoy the part and keep them peeled for more John Shanahan appearances. You can shop for DC HERE