Lucien Clarke Q&A Gallery

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Lucien Clarke outside our Covent Garden store pre Q&A

Supra have always made a big deal of their team, they recognise it as an important factor to their appeal. Instead of elevating a team of untouchables they have always aimed to bridge the gap between the riders and everyone else. We have hosted many signings and helped out with organising demos alongside them for this reason. On Saturday we hosted another event with a difference, the first of it’s kind. To celebrate Slam team rider Lucien Clarke’s new shoe we had a Q&A at the Covent Garden store…

Our windows

We invited Lucien Clarke and James Edson to join us from 11am to answer some of our questions and more from all of you. We took over the board wall with some images from the PWBC “A Retrospective” show as well as a grip of his Palace pro boards, new and old…

Boardwall Takeover

The wall set the scene for the whole event. Our video screen centre stage was queued up to play the new edit Lucien put together to celebrate this shoe launch. It was released today so we managed to have an exclusive screening of it. You can watch that HERE. This wall was opposite Supra shelves dedicated to his new shoe…

The Supra Quattro Black/Grey-White Lucien Clarke & limited edition PWBC zines

Have a better look at Lucien’s new shoe HERE. We had planned an informal audience with Lucien and Edson which worked out well…

Lucien Clarke and James Edson

Lucien spoke about a wide variety of subjects from growing up skating in the city, riding for Supra, touring, the PWBC, what grime artist his shoe would be and lots more. Cornish legend Ben Bodilly who is the product manager for Supra joined us too…

Ben Bodilly

He spoke about the initial decisions of what shoe to work with and how the creative process evolved from what was going to be a completely different white shoe. He also educated us about the features which made this shoe Lucien’s own and how exactly this shoe compliments his skateboarding. After showing the video and hearing what Ben had to say we opened up the floor and took questions from everyone who had shown up on the day…


They both did a good job of answering anything that was directed their way. People had shown up with specific questions and once the conversation was underway everybody eased into it. We accepted questions from our social media channels. Using Periscope the whole thing was broadcast to our Twitter followers. This is another great example of Supra reaching out and guaranteeing their audience has access to the team…

Up Periscope!

Thanks to everyone who showed up and submitted questions. Thanks to Supra for working closely with us on this one and making it possible. Most of all thanks to this guy…


All photography courtey of Sam Ashley. Shop for Lucien’s new shoe from Supra HERE