London Skate Journal 2

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Our friends over at Theobalds Cap Co also put out the London Skate Journal. This publication is compiled of photographs shot while out skating across the country. The newest issue is made up of images from Jake Bidmead, Ash Hall, Austin Bristow, Jeremy Jones, Joe Gavin, Mike Halls and Josh Brown. Locations covered are Manchester, Sheffield, London, New York and Oslo.


In an interview for Acclaim magazine Craig Jackson says of this project “I guess we just wanted to offer a honest look into skateboarding in 2016. Skateboarders naturally live pretty interesting lives on and off board, I have tons of friends who travel constantly, I mean travelling is a massive part of skateboarding so that alone is worth documenting. I guess when you start skateboarding, you see things differently.. I guess theres just something really special about being about to being able to utilise an object or area in a way that wasn’t originally intended for it, the along with the life long friendships made leads to a pretty interesting life.”

You can look through the London Skate Journal HERE . We will be receiving new products from Theobalds Cap Co soon.