Life’s A Beach

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Life’s A Beach is officially back! Anyone who grew up skateboarding in the 80’s will remember the colourful vision of this company and the often imitated look they inspired.

Reactionary from the start, it began when two brothers and their friend were so offended by the nut hugging swim wear styles that plagued the beach they frequented in Florida that they fashioned their own shorts. Tablecloths and curtains became baggy knee length shorts, these were well received by like minds and the business grew from there to the point where it was later championed by team rider Mark Gonzales…

Skateboarders in the pages of Thrasher certainly used to run a more liberated dress code and Life’s A Beach ran with it and had a lot of fun.

They immersed themselves in motocross which was the first love of the three partners and found a place in skateboarding and surfing. They aimed to express the energy of pursuits like this with the wild styles they produced whilst picking up the best representatives along the way. Gonz was part of an outlaw team with the likes of Mike Vallely, Bill Danforth and Ron Allen.

We hope this overview of the collection has sparked some memories and given you an idea of what is to come.

You can see that the Life’s A Beach brand is back out there with this first drop which has only scratched the surface. They are looking to enjoy delving into the awesome archive they have at their fingertips. Shop for our whole range of Life’s A Beach online and in both our stores.