Legends Never Die

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One of our friends from frequenting Fairfield’s in it’s hey day has been busy putting an educational mixtape together. Legends Never Die began as a labour of love and evolved into the package we are bringing you today. Skateboarding dealt Tom Thornton a leg break sixteen years ago and prompted him to explore his skills on the turntables. He quickly honed his talent for mixing, heavily inspired by Roc Raida’s integral part in the Zoo York video ‘Mixtape’. He has been playing out as DJ Odin since then. He decided a year ago to delve deep into the diverse tracks which filled the 90’s skate videos that influenced all of us and Legends Never Die is the result…


It features 12 mixes which contain over 540 minutes of music, they go deep too. Each track is listed, as is the corresponding video and video part. He has performed a public service by compiling this comprehensive collection that soundtracked much of our youth. It is a sick package that he has put together too. You get a USB key with all of the mixes on it, stickers and a Hi-8 tape shaped block of wax. There is some bonus 90’s footage filmed at Fairfields and further afield, and the whole thing comes in a VHS box for nostalgia points. Dominic Marley’s epic photo of Fairfield’s graces the cover. Anyone with a romantic memory of skateboarding in the 90’s will enjoy having these mixes in their life. “Hey you know everybody’s talkin’ about the good old days right?” Get your copy of Legends Never Die HERE