Lakai At Pioneer

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Two weeks ago UK Lakai riders took part in a wear test at Pioneer skate park in St Albans. Lakai Royal Family/Slam team riders Danny Brady and Nick Jensen open proceedings alongside Alex Barton, Jason Cloete, Charlie Munro and Mikey Patrick. This wear test for the BB4 was filmed and edited by Mark Jackson. This edit and more pictures from the event just went live on the Grey site.

Danny Brady-Backside Tailslide PhotoHenry Kingsford

It’s great to see that the Pioneer club has weathered the storm and is still serving the skateboarding community. In its early days it was around at a time when an indoor skate park would be pilgrimaged to. Competitions like this one would see the whole UK skate scene converge. It’s crazy to think that was 18 years ago. Pay the park a visit, it looks better than ever. Rumour has it that old locals Chris Massey, Adrian French and Marshall Taylor were spotted there not so long ago.