Kyle Wilson Rat Signal

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We haven’t rolled out a Rat Signal for a little while now, this is our favourite kind. It was put together to announce that Kyle Wilson is the latest addition to our shop team! We always have our eyes peeled for new talent and our team list is a work in progress we intend to pay a little more attention to in the coming year. This all begins with Kyle. He has been out there killing it for a good while now. When the winning Summer In The City entry from Austin Bristow first made its way to our inbox we knew it was time. You can watch that and the other winners HERE. We reached out to Kyle, put him on, flowed him some product and a few weeks later we had another killer edit from Austin greeting us one morning which became this Rat Signal. Expect to see a lot more of Kyle in the near future with a Slam board under his feet. Welcome to the family!