Krooked Cruisers

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New Krooked Cruisers are available, life-enhancing Gonz-approved shapes straight from DLX in San Francisco…

Krooked Skateboards cruiser shapes available at Slam City Skates

They have landed! When it comes to cruisers, Krooked do it best, and keep it interesting. Gonz has gone to town. The most interesting new boards are the Krooked Krayon‘s. These crayon-shaped boards are 7.5″ wide which is perfect for a little cruiser and they come in red, in green, and in blue. Along with the Rocketship Zinger are three others, the Zip Zinger Nano which is 7.12″ wide, the Kalifornia Riptide model which is 7.5″ wide and the Zip Zinger classic which is also 7.5″. The first cruiser to be released by Krooked was the Zig Zagger and we have this classic which is 8.6″ wide.

All of these boards are welcome new additions to our Krooked range. We also have Zip Zinger wheels in a variety of sizes as always, new additions to the standard Krooked wheels are the Krusherz Krayon’s. The durometer of these white wheels is 78A which is the standard hardness of all their cruiser wheels. Shop for these boards, wheels, and everything else from Krooked Skateboards. See also a wider selection of cruiser equipment.