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Read our exclusive interview with Joleon Pressey. I’ve been friends with Joey for many years now. His visits to the shop with his co-pilot Stella the dog are a weekly highlight. Joey goes about his business and she runs laps like a maniac. Joey’s constant presence in the London skate scene is a positive. He has the right attitude, a permanent grin. He has something to grin about, skateboarding is the best thing out and we’re all lucky enough to still be doing it. We caught up over this interview a few weeks ago and Joey and Jin Shimizu continued the celebration of Southbank in the edit which accompanies this filmed by Dan Kreitem…

Joleon Pressey Interview for Slam City Skates. Ollie for Sam Ashley's lens

Interview by Jacob Sawyer. Big old ollie by Joey . Photo: Sam Ashley


Joey how are you doing?

Hello I am well thank you, drinking some tea, listening to reggae and about to go to Stockwell with Bilbo and Louie Jones. Living the dream.

The Long Live Southbank festival took place recently. You were representing each day, how do you feel it went?

I think it went well, it was a good opportunity to raise some awareness for the Undercroft. Loads of petitions were signed, it was cool to have the young kids involved with the skate lessons. We had a sound system under there all weekend so it was nice to project our culture out rather than everyone peering in.

How do you feel about the direction the whole thing is going from sitting at meetings?

I think it’s really reinforced the strong sense of community down there…Yes definitely, I feel it’s natural for everyone to be using thier talents and supporting each other otherwise it would just be taken without much being said.

The latest Long Live Southbank installment from Dan Kreitem featuring Joleon Pressey and Jin Shimizu


How is your year shaping up, do you have any trips planned?

Right now everything is fine. Been out skating a lot in London. I’ve stopped planning for anything so im going with the flow and doing what feels right in the moment.

You’ve been on a few retreats this year, what are they about and what do they entail?

I went to one last Summer, it was silent meditation. Two of my dear friends had been and said it was a life changer so I tried it. Glad I went now because I was partying hard before I went. Learning meditation allowed me to really look at that addictive side of my personality. I had tried not drinking before but it felt weird, now I am not scared of not drinking if that makes sense.

How was being silent for a prolonged period of time?

Really hard at first! My brain chatter was nonstop, there was a lot of pain too but the brain got calm and most of the pain dissolved by about seven days in haha.

Do you have a different relationship with skateboarding nowadays compared to years ago? I remember having a conversation with you a while back about still learning/starting to learn again…

Yes! I feel super happy and grateful to be where I’m at. Every skate is a blessing. Been enjoying Learning new stuff too.

Do you think your yoga regime has helped skating?

Yes and no. Yes because I was suffering with my body so it gave me more spring in my step and general well-being. No because some times it would just make me feel so content I wouldn’t have the desire to go skate. I’m not doing as much now so i’ve got a good balance.

Are there any plans afoot for Stella hardware?

Yeah got some new designs in the works. gonna be having some short clips being released soon on the website.

How is Stella the dog getting along?

She’s killing it! Either sleeping all the time or terrorising in the park haha. Oh yeah shes learning to skate aswell, it’s a slow process and she eats alot of boards.

When you think about a Summer day out skating in London where do you first envision?

Some coffees and a lil flatground sesh anywhere will do.

West London or East London?

West East North and South it’s all good.

Where do you think is the most inspiring place you’ve visited, on a skate trip or otherwise?

Travelling around Mexico on a boat when I was a kid blew my mind.

Joleon Pressey Interview for Slam City Skates

Classic – Backside nose pick. Photo: Sam Ashley


What is the best and worst situation you and Snowy have ever found yourself in?

The best would have to be all the killer skate sessions we’ve had over the years. The worst getting chased down Portobello by a guy with a giant metal pole.

Who were big influences on you growing up?

Tom Penny, The Muska and Phil Shao

Can you tell us a good story from your SF trip years ago with Terence?

Haha it’s pretty hazey, it was a LONG time ago. I do remember sneaking into a bar and being left in there shitting myself because T and Kev were squaring up to each other outside.

Can we expect a new video part from you any time soon? Is filming on the cards?

I’ll be out filming over the summer so we’ll see what happens

Who is out there shredding at the moment you have bright hopes for?

Watch out for lil Eric from Stockwell and Blondey is killing it as well.

Your Waterloo base has been a constant with a short time living out East and of late you have had frequent spates staying in the countryside. Where do you feel is home and where do you see home being in years to come?

Since ive been working on expanding my awarness i’ve realised that the only true home is in ourselves so i’m making it as comfortable as I can. I really enjoy the City and being in nature so I will still back and foreward between the two.

How is your guitar playing coming along?

Good, been playing loads and even having a little singsong.

Do you have any must read book recommendations?

Be Here Now by Ram Dass and The Tao of WU

What do you think the most valuable piece of advice you have ever received is and what advice would you have for kids in their early skateboarding years?

Most valuble advice ‘skate what ya mama gave ya’ by Conor Fay. My advice would be to enjoy the practice of skateboarding and listen to your guidance. If you dont feel like it say no, parents and teachers aren’t always right.