Jason Dill Bobshirt Interview

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There’s never a dull moment when Jason Dill is involved and he gives us his best in this new interview from the ever epic Bobshirt. As always they come up with the goods, presenting him with story prompting cultural artifacts. Dill’s career is peppered with some of the best photos, video parts, shoes and involvement with some of our favourite points in skateboarding history. This coupled with his enigmatic delivery and ability to wax lyrical means this is full of incredible stories about some of the most memorable moments in our culture. This weeks Nine Club guest Bill Strobeck joins him on the NY rooftop to contribute. Expect tales of board shapes, graphics, Memory Screen, Trilogy, Photosynthesis, Mosaic, Vita, DVS, Gino and Keenan, Blender, Big Brother, Fucking Awesome, Dylan Rieder and much much more. This is a must watch and will improve your life so set aside some time and soak this one in!