Jamie Foy in London

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Jamie Foy more than earned his SOTY status in 2017, steadily pumping out parts without a breather. He hasn’t slowed down since and we were stoked that he took some time out of his busy schedule to come and hang out with us at the shop when he was here on the Diamond Tour. He was only here for a couple of days but skate tourism got the best of him and he visited some famous spots in the city as you will see from his Grey clip above put together by Sirus F Gahan. He talks about his new Diamond x Deathwish shoe, taking his mum travelling with him, his spot on the Deathwish team and more. His non stop approach to exploring the streets meant that he had time to put something together for another London based publication. Free Skate mag put Quentin Guthrie and Ethan De Lacy in pursuit and some more landmarks got a seeing to. Some Biebel transition footage occurred at Southbank and Foy signed off on the concrete quarter before continuing his European tour. Click on the ridiculous front feeble below to be transported to his Free clip…

It’s always interesting to see what transpires when fresh eyes greet the city. Enjoy these two gifts and pick up your hard copies of Grey and Free HERE