Jacob Harris Interviewed by Grey

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Jake Harris, bank to bank ollie, Calgary – Photo – Jeff Thorburn

Jake Harris is an interesting human being. He is a motivated filmer and has been from a young age, putting together the full length video Square One whilst still a youth. He is also an amazing skateboarder whose legend precedes him (my favourite story is the back smith down Moorgate handrail on his filming board). His passion and ability for skateboarding coupled with an ingrained need for capturing it is what made Eleventh Hour possible. He speaks about his filming compulsion, Magee’s influence and the ins and outs of creating an independent DVD in today’s current climate in the final one of Henry Kingsford’s excellent interviews about this release over on the Grey site. Read the Jake Harris interview here. Be sure to read the interviews which came beforehand with Luka Pinto, Kevin Lowry, Sylvain Tognelli, Nick Jensen and Tom Knox. We have received our stock of Eleventh Hour and it’s already selling fast. You need this DVD in your collection, it’s the best release in ages, the Jensen part is timeless. Order this online or visit one of our stores.