HUF x Thrasher ‘Tour De Stoops’

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HUF X Thrasher TDS Allover Hood White

We just received a collaboration of epic proportions. Once again HUF have teamed up with Thrasher and produced some must have clothing. We have some amazing clothing items, a shoe and a grip of accessories. This whole collection was inspired by the ‘Tour De Stoops’ European vacation…

This 20 day tour blew through London, Copenhagen and Paris. This is enough time to get a good feel for each city and Jake Anderson, Tyler Bledsoe, Brad Cromer, Austyn Gillette, Matt Gottwig, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Dan Plunkett, Dick Rizzo, Sammy Winter, Steve Forstner and Simo Makela made the most of it. Enjoy the video and shop your way through everything TDS HERE