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HUF consistently choose interesting collaborations with a substantial back story. Their newest collection is no exception. They have partnered with the Patrick Nagel Estate to release a collection of items celebrating his work and legacy. Here are some lookbook images coupled with a historical account of this artists impact and importance…

Reversible Satin Bomber Jacket

Patrick Nagel (November 25, 1945 – February 4, 1984) was an American artist known primarily for his focus on women and the female form. He is considered by many to be one of the giants of 20th century American illustration and graphic design.
Nagel was born in Dayton, Ohio, but was raised and spent most of his life in the Los Angeles area where he first established himself as a free-lance designer and illustrator for clients such as IBM, Ballantine Scotch, and Harper’s magazine. In the mid-70s, he began regularly illustrating stories for Playboy magazine, which extended the exposure and popularity of his iconic “Nagel woman” to a large and loyal audience. He produced his first poster image for Mirage Editions in 1978, and would go on to paint the cover art for rock group Duran Duran’s top-selling Rio album released in 1982.

Collar Pullover

Nagel’s minimalist style is said to have defined an era with cool, seductive women that simultaneously embody the more empowered woman of the times, reflecting the rapidly changing role of women in America. His process involved starting from a photograph and then working the image down into a simplified painting by removing elements he felt were unnecessary while emphasizing those aspects that were important to him. The resulting works exhibit bold, dark lines that shape perspective out of flat, cool colors and stark white spaces, reminiscent of Japanese woodblock prints and Art Deco styling. At the forefront of a new wave of illustration in Los Angeles during his time, Nagel’s work helped inspire current trends in fashion and music, and continues to resonate with generations of contemporary designers, illustrators, and artists.

Television Pullover

Consistently reinventing streetwear staples with unique flair, HUF’s latest collaboration teams up with Patrick Nagel for a Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Known for his focus on the female form, the celebrated illustrator and graphic designer has worked on numerous projects in his tenure, with work exhibited in the Rolling Stone, Harper’s Magazine and Playboy magazine, to the album sleeve of Duran Duran’s top selling Rio LP.

Nagel Blanket

His seductive illustrations in the ’70s coined “Nagel Women” embodies the empowered female in America, mixing retro futurism with Art Deco styling. Leading the new wave art world in the ’80s, Nagel’s work seeped into various creative sectors with designers and artists all yearning to collaborate. HUF continue his legacy with this new collection we are stoked to be able to bring you…


History lesson over. This limited edition Fall/Winter collection is only available in selected retailers and we are pleased to be one of them. It is released on the 8th October. It will be available from our Covent Garden store from tomorrow morning and online shortly afterwards. Shop for HUF HERE