HUF x Chocolate Forever

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Keenan Milton was one of the best to ever do it, his positive impact on skateboarding globally is undeniable. We all try to channel our inner Keenan with every switch flip. Keenan footage wherever it surfaced was always an event, there are only a few skateboarders out there with that mythical appeal. Our world mourned losing Keenan 15 years ago and it’s crazy to think it was that long ago. We were stoked when we first saw this video and learned of this new HUF project. Keith Hufnagel and Keenan became friends in New York in the early 90’s and their life long friendships and journey were intertwined. HUF have teamed up with Chocolate on this “Forever” campaign to celebrate Keenan’s life and we are looking forward to receiving it. Here is the first arrival from this collection…

Classic Hi X Chocolate

You can shop for HUF HERE. Keenan Forever!