HUF Austyn Gillette

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Austyn Gillette’s new pro shoe from HUF is released today. This new part he has filmed for his new shoe is unbelievable. It is full of the effortless finesse, unique execution of the basics and unfeasible pop which we have come to expect but which always surprises us nevertheless. His shoe reflects his style, it has a contemporary shape which the Dylan helped pave the way for…


Pictured above is the Gillette in Brown. These employ a custom geometric tread on the outsole which provides more flexibility than other cupsole shoes. They have a PU insole which gives you impact absorption where you need it. Austyn has made the shoe his own, subtle detailing adorns the full grain leather shoe. His signature is embossed on the tongue and a bullet hole sized HUF logo is embossed on the sidewall. Everything is where it belongs. They have a long toe piece and a contrasting fine leather lining. Minimal stitching reinforces the lacing area, ankle seam and tongue making it relatively untouchable and meaning they will wear as evenly as possible. They also come in Black…


In the HUF write up we were sent they call this new shoe “A shoe for the times, the Gillette combines functionality, design, and styling for the modern skateboarder.” Austyn Gillette says “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” We will be having a launch party for this shoe on Thursday which we will tell you more about later today. Shop for this new shoe from HUF HERE.