Hopps Artist Series Decks

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Have a look at the latest decks from Hopps Skateboards, these are all part of an artist series…

Hopps is the brainchild of Jahmal Williams, his legend spans way back to the ever inspirational Underachievers. It’s always a good feeling having stock on the walls from an underground company skater run and operated like Hopps. The team list as it stands consists of pros Jahmal Williams, Jerry Fowler and Joel Meinholz as well as Steve Brandi, Keith Denley, Brian Clarke and Dustin Eggeling.

We have received the Jahmal Williams artist series. This series of black and white collage style boards look great together. Joel Meinholz’ board is 8.38″ wide and has Muhammad Ali on the tail, Jerry Fowler has a 7.9″ wide board with Biggie on the tail and Jahmal Williams’ board has a sax player on the tail and is 8.1″ wide. Stay informed about the latest from Hopps Skateboards and shop for Jahmal’s series alongside all of the latest Skateboard Decks.