Haroshi Art Show

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We recommend you attend an incredible art show from Tokyo-based artist Haroshi

Haroshi Art Show near Slam City Skates East

Stolen Space gallery have an interesting show coming up. On the 10th of October Tokyo based artist Haroshi has a show which will run to the 3rd of November. By salvaging the ply of used skateboard decks Haroshi creates stunning wooden sculptures. Stacked layers of old boards work arranged in intricate mosaic patterns are the basis of his craft. He has spent his life collecting broken or used boards. His work has been compared to the ancient Japanese tradition of building wooden Buddha’s. 12th Century Japanese master sculptor, Unkei, was known to place a crystal, called Shin-gachi-rin (meaning new moon circle), in the position of the statues heart, representing its soul. Haroshi incorporates this concept too, often placing a metal object within the layered shell of his artwork. Haroshi believes that these objects wether they are a discarded piece from his skateboard collection or an item of personal significance, give a soul to the sculpture. He sometimes reveals this interior life using X-ray images. He was recently commissioned to make a pair of Nike SB Dunks made from the old boards of Nike pro skaters…

Nike SB Dunks made from old skateboard decks by Haroshi

His coming solo show at Stolen Space titled ‘Pain’ will reveal a brand new body of work. It will examine the effects of pain and how it can be a great motivating force in the creation of art. By harnessing and repurposing painful experiences he has created new works which address the questions ‘what is pain?’ and ‘why does it exist?’ Stolen Space gallery can be found at 17 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD. It’s very close to our Bethnal Green road store. We realise that this is a great deal of notice and we promise to remind you of the show nearer the time. This much notice was needed to ask for your help. Please can you donate any old boards to either of our stores, we have agreed to help collect old boards for him to make something from. Work this labour-intensive is always impressive, it promises to be a great show to go to. Keep up to date with information about this show and forthcoming ones here.