Harmony Korine Interview

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Grey alerted us to a rad interview with Harmony Korine by Patrick O’Dell which slipped our attention. You can read it HERE. It’s a really interesting read covering skateboarding, early Gonz sightings, the impact of Memory Screen, skate videos, how much wilder it was growing up back then and much more. Carve out a window today and take this in, it’s a good one. He also talks about the shoe he designed for Vans Syndicate


These were released a few months back. He chose to work with the Slip-On Pro and the Authentic Pro. Both shoes feature the classic Vans checker board print hand drawn by Korine. Clear crystal gum grip preserves his work on the sole unit and original photographs appear on the box of this limited release. Enjoy the interview, you can buy the Vans Syndicate x Harmony Korine HERE.